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April 1 - Memorial Day
10 am - 4 pm
Memorial - Labor Day
10 am - 5 pm
Labor Day - October 31
10 am - 4 pm
November 1 - March 31
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* Last entry 1 hour before closing

(219) 873-1510
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April 1 - Memorial Day
10 am - 4 pm
Memorial - Labor Day
10 am - 5 pm
Labor Day - October 31
10 am - 4 pm
* Last entry 1 hour before closing

Certain "rules of the jungle" must be followed while you are visiting the Zoo. These rules have been developed for your safety and the welfare of the Zoo's animals.

     Zoo Safety Rules

For your safety and the welfare of the animals at the Zoo, please obey all posted signs and guidelines throughout the Zoo’s property.

The Zoo Staff will remove anyone who violates Zoo Guidelines.  

No Smoking

The Washington Park Zoo is a non-smoking facility and there is no smoking allowed on Zoo grounds.

No Pets

For the health and safety of our animals, pets of any kind are prohibited into Zoo. Service animals are welcomed, but exotic species, therapy or emotional-support animals are not. Guests that have service animals, we ask that you notify the admissions window staff, so that a tour of some the areas can be arranged.

We appreciate your visit, but for the well- being of your pets, please DO NOT leave them in your car while you are in the zoo.

Respect Our Animals

Please treat the Zoo’s animals with the respect and remember that you are a visitor in their home.  Animals are easier to see in a calm environment, so please do not yell at them, chase fence lines or bang on enclosures. 

Firearms and other weapons are not allowed.  Off-duty police are required to identify themselves at the Administration Office upon entry.

No one is permitted on Zoo grounds that is intoxicated or on drugs.  If you see a visitor that appears to be drunk or on drugs causing a disturbance of any sort or threat, please contact a Zoo staff member for assistance.  The Zoo reserves the right to refuse admittance to such persons and to request them to leave.

Balloons, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, Heely skate shoes, radios, glass containers or other items that could injure animals or people are not allowed inside Zoo grounds. (Bicycles racks are available at entrance).


Do Not Throw Objects Anywhere in the Zoo Except in the Trash Containers

Foreign objects like coins, rocks, straws, or any plastics can injure and even killed animals.

Do Not Bring Outside Food

No outside food, drinks or alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Zoo grounds.

Please note that all of our animals’ diets include specific foods and anything not apart of that diet may be harmful, even if it seems like they could eat it. Feeding of the animals is allowed for the goat yard and parakeet area, but it must be done with the food that is provided by the Zoo. 

Wash your hands after touching animals at the Zoo, especially before eating.

Never Cross Any Fence or Barrier Within the Zoo

Please do not try to touch the animals outside the Red Barn area. All animals can bite and their habitats are their homes.

  Please stay on the pathways and we do not permit anyone standing or climbing on exhibit barriers; shouting at or teasing animals; throwing objects into exhibits, or littering the Zoo grounds.

Wear Proper Attire

Keep your shirt and shoes on while walking around the Zoo! We suggest wearing comfortable shoes due to our uneven terrain, so we don’t suggest flip flops.

Children Must be Supervised at All Times

Children must be supervised at all times while in all areas of the Zoo, including the train area and the Zoo’s Gift Shop.

Do Not Run in the Zoo

The Zoo location is on a hill, so for your safety, please do not run.


  •  The Zoo’s First Aid Office is located at the entrance. It is open every day for any of your first aid needs.

  •  Please turn in or check for Lost and Found Items at the Main Entrance of the Zoo.

  •  Smile for the Camera. During your visit to the Washington Park Zoo you might be photographed, videotaped or filmed. Your paid admission to the Zoo serves as permission for use of your image by Washington Park Zoo. Personal video and photography are permitted, provided they don't interrupt the visitor experience for others, but all commercial use of photographs, video and film you take during your visit is prohibited without written consent of Zoo and the Michigan City Park Board.

Your cooperation with these rules is appreciated .